Printing Instructions

Printing From Your Laptop or a Library Laptop

Seamlessly print from your own devices (PC/MAC/ANDROID/iOS) with Google Cloud Print.

  1. Connect to MU-WIRELESS
  2. To print from Google Chrome, click on the link for the printer that corresponds with the library you’re in and Add Printer:
    King Printers BEST Printers Music Printers Art and Architecture Printers

Printing from a Library Desktop

  1. Select File > Print or press Ctrl + p (for PC)/Command + p (for Mac)
  2. Select the printer that corresponds with the library you’re in. If you do not see your printer, select Add Printer and search by the name of one of the following:
    King Printers
    • King-B&W
    • King-Color
    BEST Printers
    • Best-Color
    • Best-B&W
    Music Printers
    • AMOS-B&W
    • AMOS-Color
    Art and Architecture Printers
    • ALU-LIB-B&W

FAQ: Where do I pick up and pay for my print job in the Library?

  1. Walk to any printer in the library.
  2. Click OK twice on the print release station.
  3. Find your unique ID in the list of print jobs and select your job. This list is not alphabetical, but you can sort by unique ID. You can print one job at a time.
  4. Swipe your university ID card on the top right of the computer monitor, with the strip facing out, to pay for printing. $0.10/page for B&W, $0.25/page for Color.
  5. Your job will print out of the middle of the printer.